We are Terri and Eric Roper and we are the owners and photographers at Roper Photo, an internationally acclaimed award-winning boutique photography studio serving all Chicagoland and beyond. Photography is all that we do and our passion for capturing amazing images is only surpassed by the love that you will have for your cherished memories! Please take a moment to look through our work and see what we have to offer. Tell us what your photography needs are and we can show you how we will exceed them.


The images we capture with our cameras

are the emotions we see with our hearts.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then wedding photojournalism is priceless. It’s taking those pictures and putting them together to tell a story with those thousands of words. The idea behind any wedding we photograph is to preserve the moment as it happens the way it happens, unobtrusively. We capture your memories as you make them with a consummate blend of decisive moments, fashionable portraits and incredible details.This is photojournalism, not just candid photography, but the ability to capture images that documents the story of your wedding, without words. It is not merely photographs of the participants but more importantly the event itself highlighting the participants.

It’s not just about capturing the moment,

but capturing the right moment.


Our studio is a culmination of many years as editorial, journalistic and portrait photographers along with a passion for wedding photography. It’s the story of your wedding day told by the emotions, moments and details in the images we capture.