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When we first started shooting weddings, way back in the 20th century, we envisioned having a “Fine Art” package in which a bride and groom would hire us to shoot their wedding entirely in Black & White and create an Art wedding album for them. After all, we fancied ourselves as artistes and having studied photography and mastered Black & White processing and printing, this would be a dream come true.

Aside from the occasional “Can you make our album with mostly Black & White prints?” we never booked our “Fine Art” package and my dream of an entirely Black & White wedding album never came to fruition and was destined to remain a pet project of mine that I would have to work on someday during some “slow time”.

The years rolled on and our album designs have evolved into where they are now, a mixture of beautiful images, graphic design elements and splashes of color. Thanks to recent leaps and bounds in the printing and binding processes, along with the addition of several new album manufacturers, we are able to extend our offerings of albums and designs far beyond the matted “slide your print into the slot” albums of the last millennium. We are quite proud of our albums and the images that go in them.

Now, along come Kate & Brian.

Kate & Brian had a very beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the base of a mountain near a running river in Breckenridge, Colorado last year with an equally wonderful reception that lasted well into the starry night. To sum it up in one word I think back to when I first saw Kate that day. Terri and I were both shooting this wedding and as we normally do, she was with the women as they were getting ready and I was with the men. So the first time I got to see Kate was when the ceremony began and I was waiting to photograph her walking down the aisle toward Brian. As she stepped down from the horse drawn carriage that brought her to the ceremony site that one word sprung into my head and epitomized the moment. Stunning.

Long story short, here is their album, well the first draft of it, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work on. You see Kate & Brian asked that their album be entirely Black & White (Somebody pinch me). The whole process has exceeded all my expectations. You see, without color the album really became all about the images. No colors to match or use to tie images together or to use as backgrounds as an accompaniment, just the emotions of the day and the telling of the story of Kate & Brian’s wedding.

I am very proud and excited about this album as well as the images that Terri and I captured that day, and you can see how BIG that moment actually was for me as Kate started her walk down the aisle, those images got their own pages.

eric roper

Click on this picture as a link to the album:
eric roper

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