Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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You know, it really warms my heart that although we are in Colorado my family refers to going to see a game at Coor’s field (where the Rockies play ball) as “going to a Cub’s game”. The Cub’s came into … Read More

Leave No (mile)Stone Unturned

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The weeks and weeks of anticipation finally came to an end when brush met tooth this morning in what will go down in [Roper Family] history as “The Primary’s Last Stand” or “How Oliver Lost His First Tooth”. We had … Read More

Kristin & Evan

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WOW! What a way to “Officially” start the summer! Congratulations to Kristin and Evan, who were married during the Memorial Day weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The ceremony and reception took place at the Garden of the God’s Club with … Read More

Oliver & Rocks

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Yesterday while working at my desk I hear the sounds of my son and dog playing outside. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get a picture of the two of them together. So I grab my point … Read More

An album story

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When we first started shooting weddings, way back in the 20th century, we envisioned having a “Fine Art” package in which a bride and groom would hire us to shoot their wedding entirely in Black & White and create an … Read More

Field Trip To The Zoo

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We had a wonderful day yesterday as chaperones for our son Oliver’s class field trip to the Denver zoo. He has such great friends, it was a joy to spend our day watching them explore the wonders of the zoo … Read More

Let’s get this started

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Ok let’s start off with an announcement. Roper Photo now has a Toll-Free number, 800-908-8289. The closest “vanity” word I could come up with to help everyone remember is 800-9088BUZZ. So in other words just memorize the number.

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