Kids Photo shoot

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Last week we were in the Janie & Jack kids clothing store in The Bolingbrook Promenade. For those not in the area-Bolingbrook is a suburb of Chicago. And if you haven’t visited a Janie & Jack store before, you must … Read More


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We shot her senior portrait session in the LODO area of Denver, using alleys, a hotel lobby, Union Station and a parking garage for backgrounds. Then for the last outfit we headed out to the warehouse district for something different … Read More


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It’s kind of hard to believe that I first met Holly more than 5 years ago, when she was a child model. I was so glad when she asked me to shoot her senior portraits, and that she was game … Read More


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These images were taken just a few days ago in the Chicagoland area. The session was an amazing mix of beautiful, perfect light, excellent locations within her home and of course-a lovely, glowing woman whose face the camera loved. One … Read More


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A couple of days ago Megan sent me this trailer for a film she is in, and that was also made in Denver. Turns out the young girl is Quinn, and I photographed her earlier this year. She was in … Read More

Mini Sessions

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We have a couple of mini sessions coming up soon. There will be multiple openings per day-from morning till sunset. They will be in downtown Naperville by the Riverwalk. The exact location is still yet to be determined. Each session … Read More


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If you check the March 25th blog post you will see her mom’s (Amy) pregnancy photos. It was AMAZING to meet Nora for the first time. She is one beautiful child!


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This was the second time around for Quinn as well. It has been about 3 years in between sessions. My how time flies! Her career has taken off and now she is doing movies. I am so thrilled for her-she … Read More


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The first time I photographed Michael for his comp card was about 5 or 6 years ago. He looks just about the same-just older. These were taken in and around the LODO area of Denver. I recognized him at once-he … Read More


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We shot Griffin’s headshots in the downtown area of Downers Grove, Illinois. It has alot of bright colors on the buildings-similar to the Belmar area in Denver. He is soooo cute, energetic and a hoot to be around!       … Read More

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