Jessica + Craig

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This lovely summer day was just the perfect setting for their wedding day. After getting ready at the Hyatt Place Chicago/River North, we all piled into the party bus to take photos in downtown Chicago.

In the blink of an eye, the sky changed from strong sun to dark brooding clouds. The rain came down fast, and we ran for cover to a covered bus stop. As you can see-we were crammed inside, but everyone was having fun!

Once the rain let up we finished up our session along Michigan Ave.

The outdoor ceremony was held at The Crown Center on the Loyola Campus. It was beautiful, and the weather was once again picture perfect!

During the cocktail hour the skies open and the sudden deluge put a screeching halt to the long leisurely 10 minute walk to the reception venue on campus.

Once the rain started to let up the on campus security was able to ferry those of us still at the ceremony site.

Jessica & Craig stayed behind to make sure all of their guests were taken care of before they ventured to their reception. They are so sweet, kind & caring!

Once they arrived, the party came alive, and they danced into the night.

The ole wives tale says rain is good luck on a wedding day, and these two should be set for life : )

We wish them all the best!

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