Melissa & Rich

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Rich & Melissa got married at the Canyon House in Boulder. In the back yard right next to the river is where the ceremony was held. During the ceremony just as their friend who performed the ceremony was talking about their love of the great outdoors a couple of rafters floated by and were noisely having a good time. Talk about impeccable timing.

I loved Melissa’s dress- it was just amazing and one of a kind.

After the ceremony we walked over to the bridge and then right down by the river for some portraits. So like normal I move around and get down low in the grassy area to get some cool angles. We finish and as I’m walking away I hear a guy mention to Eric that I was in the poison ivy. Yikes. Good thing I had long pants and sleeves.

Note to self: Leaves of three, leave them be!

The weather was perfect during dinner and the guests danced along side the river during the reception.

Heather Clark with Calluna Events was the coordinator and she was great.

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