Kids Photo shoot

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Last week we were in the Janie & Jack kids clothing store in The Bolingbrook Promenade.

For those not in the area-Bolingbrook is a suburb of Chicago. And if you haven’t visited a Janie & Jack store before, you must check them out. The clothes are gorgeous and very well made.

This was an in store promotion and we had 3 full days of photographing many, many kids from newborns to 6 years old.

As always, the 12-24 month olds are the most active, independant ones. We never really know if they will stand still or cooperate until they step onto the backdrop. I have a very fast trigger finger and can usually get some fabulous shots before they run off.

My heart always goes out to the parents as they always get much more stressed and tired than I do. LOL

Here are some of the images from the sessions.


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