Oliver’s New Belt

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Oliver tested and earned his new rank of Orange Belt in the art of Kempo Karate this week.

It’s no secret how proud we are of him but what is really fascinating is seeing the pride he has in himself and of his accomplishments. He has been working very hard toward this achievement both externally and internally. It has been a joy to see the progress with his physical growth as well as his developing a greater awareness of himself.

The images below show some moments from the test. After the testing Oliver kneels down and meditates on what he has learned and what he has discovered about himself during his path toward his orange belt. While still meditating he is told to take off his old belt and put it behind him. He then opens his eyes to see his new belt, which he picks up and wipes off his brow with before putting it on. This symbolizes the hard work and sweat that went into receiving his new rank.

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Roper Photo Denver Portrait photography                                           Roper Photo Chicago Portrait Photography

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Roper Photo Portrait Photography                                           Roper Photo Headshot Photography

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